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Air conditioning energy inspections

The requirement to regularly inspect air conditioning systems comes into effect on 4 January 2009, where all air conditioning systems over 250kW should have already had their first inspection, and by 4 January 2011 all air conditioning systems over 12kW must have had their first inspection. Once completed, an inspection report is valid for 5 years.


The inspection, which must be carried out by an accredited energy assessor, will include an assessment of efficiency, a review of their sizing and advice on improvements or replacements and alternative solutions. These improvement solutions will impact on the overall efficiency and running costs of the air conditioning equipment you have in place. Whilst these inspections can be looked upon as another expense, genuine financial benefits are available dependant on the findings of the inspection, such as reductions on the running cost of equipment, identifying potential problems with plant and recommendations to improve the efficiency.

Our inspections follow the convention described in TM44, published by CIBSE, industry guideline requirements and standards.


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