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Flourinated gases and your obligations

From July 2007, new legal obligations were introduced to control and contain the use of Flourinated gases - the gases within air conditioning systems which cool or heat the air.


Operators running air conditioning systems could be breaking the law if their system has not undergone the relevant preventative checks at the specified intervals.


Obligations with regard to the operation and maintenance of such systems are in force due to the F-Gas Regulation and you will be required to:

  • Take “all measures which are technically feasible and not entail disproportionate cost”, to prevent leakage.
  • Arrange a check for leakage at least once every 12 months if the system contains 3kg or more of  F-Gas refrigerant.
  • Repair any detected leaks without delay.
  • Keep a record of the type & quantity of F-gas within each system, any quantities added and the quantity recovered during servicing, maintenance and final disposal.


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